Product: Mobile Conquesting

Background: Our client is a home improvement store with multiple locations in our area.   The goal of the campaign was to drive more customers to their business and increase in-store sales.  This was especially important to promote themselves as the local leaders of their industry versus shopping at big box stores in our area like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Strategy: Through our hyper-targeted mobile exchange, we created a Mobile Conquesting strategy, which targeted potential customers who had been observed at their competitors’ locations, or had an interest in Home Improvements, Home Building Consultants, and Home Centers in their given zip code range.   In addition, we geo-fenced areas around both locations targeting those who were interested in home renovation or had recently moved to our area.

Results: Our client was thrilled with the campaign and renewed for the next season!  Their in-store sales increased as a result of their Mobile Conquesting ads as they received 800 verified in-store visits, or people who saw our ads and walked into a location, 502 of which were unique visitors. Overall their campaign served nearly 5x the national average driving close to 1,000 click visitors to their site.  During our next digital flight we are looking to take the campaign to the next level by promoting the new e-commerce section of their site along with our hyper-targeted mobile ads.


Product: OTT

Background: A family-owned and owner-operated used car dealership was looking to change up the way people think about used car dealerships. They decided to get creative with their ads and use a superhero as a mascot for the dealership with YouTube ads.

Strategy: Using YouTube, the client ran :30 video ads that focused on the fact that everyone gets approved for credit at their dealership, with a fun twist. The categories that we focused on were In-Market for Autos & Vehicles, Financial Services > Credit & Lending, Autos & Vehicles > Motor Vehicles > Motor Vehicles (Used), Car Loans, Autos & Vehicles > Auto Parts & Accessories > Engine & Transmission, Autos & Vehicles > Auto Repair & Maintenance, Automotive Industry Information, Car Loan Payment Calculators, Autos & Vehicles > Motor Vehicles > Motor Vehicles by Brand > Hyundai, Honda, Compact Cars (Used), Brake Service & Repair, Car Financing. We also utilized retargeting.

Results: The campaign has been running for over a year and has served 730,240 impressions. The branding of the campaign was inundating a 20-mile radius which really drove home the creative messaging and has proved to be effective as the client has mentioned that have seen an increase in the number of cars they have moved off the lot.


Product: Mobile Conquesting

Background: This restaurant had been a radio client for many years, using a promotion on one station that was successful, and the owner wanted to drive more revenue to both of their locations (one of which is outside our radio market).

Strategy: Through our hyper-targeted mobile exchanges, we created a Mobile Conquesting strategy, which targeted potential customers who were foodies, sit-down diners and evening diners as well as geo-fencing competitor’s restaurants.

Results: Over five months we served 1,125,000 impressions to consumers on their mobile devices, and approximately 7,250 people took action and engaged with the ad to make a reservation or learn more.  The overall Click-Through-Rate (CTR) was .65%, which is over 9x the national average Click-Through-Rate for display advertising.  We were able to verify 771 visits to the restaurants, with an estimated 3084 visits. The owner is able to attribute that each reservation they receive is for 2.88 people and  $107 per reservation. Using the lower number of verified visits (771) this campaign generated  a total of $82,497 revenue from a $17,500 Investment, with a potential of over $300,000 using the estimated visits number.


Products: Facebook and Social Mirror

Background: An event that takes place every Spring was looking to increase event ticket sales and was also looking to increase the number of females that attended and change the reputation to a more family friendly event.

Strategy: For one month, we used a combination of Event Response Ads and Newsfeed ads on Facebook, and YouTube and Facebook posts for Social Mirror Ads. For Facebook, in order to change the image of the event to more of a family friendly environment and target women, we targeted categories such as Parents, Fashion Accessories, Boutiques, and Style and Fashion. With Social Mirror, we targeted similar categories like Families, Families with Kids, Parents of Young Children, Family Oriented Games and Activities, and Kids Activities. We also used Keyword targeting as a strategy for Social Mirror.

Results: For the first time in seven years, the event sold out before the gates even opened! In just one month, there were almost 3,000 combined conversions, and a click through rate of 2.24% which is almost 32x the National Average.


Products: Display & Video Pre-Roll

Background:  An established credit union was looking to make a name for itself in a new area where they didn’t have a physical branch location.

Strategy: The goal of the campaign was to create brand awareness for those that weren’t familiar with the name in certain counties, and to increase savings accounts, checking accounts, CD’s, and auto loans. The campaign started in the Spring using just Display ads and by the Fall, Video Pre-Roll ads were added in. The strategies for Display ads were Retargeting, Keyword Targeting, and Behavioral Targeting. Video Pre-Roll used Retargeting, Artificial Intelligence, and Behavioral Targeting. Both were reaching Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Checking Account, Auto Loans, Car Loans, and Vehicle Loans.

Results: Ten months into the campaign, there were 237 Click Conversions, and 11,995 View-Throughs!! Of those, 255 were to the Vehicles Loan page, 82 were to the Checking Accounts page, and 11 were to the Savings Account page. The client also mentioned they saw an increase in CD’s and 47 new accounts from the counties that were specifically being targeted by the ad campaign.